Kaftan: classic, sassy and chic

The story of kaftan:
Born there for thousands of years, the caftan [also spelled kaftan] is worn by men and women of different cultures in the world. Many designers and fashion analyst think Kaftan comes from Mesopotamia, also known as the cradle of civilization. Whereas, if you reside in the UAE, you can buy kaftan online in Dubai at Veloarabia.com. 

But doing a jump of a few thousand years and we stop at the 50, where the filmy dress made its debut in fashion, made available to the general public by the Balenciaga and Christian Dior fashion. A few years later, multicolored version was popularized by the hippie movement. The hippies sometimes wore tie-dye and with a necklace.

At the end of the hippie era, the famous actresses and celebrities have taken over the garment to return them up to date. Elizabeth Taylor was one of the most famous ambassadors. Nowadays, the term Kaftan is used to describe a long ceremonial garment traditionally worn by Moroccan women and revisited by designers for this tunic relive in new forms.

How to wear a kaftan
Nothing is more natural than wearing the only Kaftan with canvas shoes or sandals. You can wear it over your top swimsuit if you're at the beach. But it's easy to decorate. Just a few accessories and you are ready to go to the ball or for a summer evening. Click to check out kaftan online.

Kaftan is THE holiday clothing. It is also very easy to raise or not with a simple pair of shoes. With flat sandals, you are ready for a day at the beach, while with offset, you are ready for a garden party. Can it be worn everywhere? Absolutely yes! Wear it over a fine pair of pants to be more dressed. Apart from Gucci and Channel, the kaftan is part of the collection H & M Studio come. In store and online.


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