Buy Gold online: the precious armor

More affordable than platinum and less difficult to wear, it is all about gold. How and with what to carry gold to look chic and fabulous? Gold is certainly precious and pretty daring. Looking for gold in Dubai? Well, you have landed at the hub where gold is found in all kinds of gold markers especially gold souk. You can now even buy gold online in Dubai.

How to wear the look of gold
Like all precious metals, gold is always elegant. It will brighten in an instant all your outfits. Classic and distinguished, gold is doing and is associated with almost everything without risk of bling and being vulgar. A golden rule: avoid wearing the gold and silver together at the risk of “too much”. You can do a little to bend the rules just for some trinkets. This is the charm for the one who can mix gold and silver: it is trendy. 
Chic and discreet treat of gold
Gold is associated with luxury and money. Bet on colors such as vibrant and bright one’s that highlight gold. This evening why don’t you try going on raspberry shades, red, turquoise, plum or yellow, but forget the orange. 
Evening wear
Gold will always be glamorous and refined, especially associated with precious stones like diamonds and rubies as well as pearls. However, make sure you do not commit any faux pas! 
Antique gold
Gold is gold. With time, like silver, if you do not take care, it tarnishes in air, especially in a humid climate. However, for a look a little bohemian there's no better than wearing the old gold. For a vintage look, wear gold with a beautiful patina over white gold color.
Some maintenance tips  To always show beautiful gold jewelry, maintain your jewels to keep it bright. A beautiful metal is nothing better to give shine to your formal wear.


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