Carrera Sunglasses: Flashy colors in original forms

Carrera has a history closely linked to the legendary race that will give the name of the brand: Panamerica Carrera. The sports car is an integral part of the brand's DNA. Over the years, Carrera has developed, in collaboration with leading athletes, its sunglasses. Ski masks to Carrera sunglasses produced anthological models that marked the sport. The Sunset collection or Porsche design remain in the collective memory. The passion for the sport and the continuous improvement of materials give Carrera an image of excellence and rigor. For best Carrera sunglasses price in Dubai, click veloarabia.com.


Carrera:No exception to the rule

Today Carrera radiates internationally and has partnerships in the world of sailing, cycling and other sports. However, the automotive sports are the dorsal spine of the brand. The development of polarized glasses, shades of different types to suit all weather conditions. Sportiness combines elegance through Carrera frames. This brand is particularly famous for its classy designs and is worn by Hollywood celebrities. You can see many stars walking out in Carrera. The latest 2016 collection is all set to arouse summer heat. If you are ready to beat the scorching summer beams and head out to the beaches, no way think of ditching your Carrera sunglasses!

2016 is the hippest collection of Carrera sunglasses:

The 2016 collection of feisty Carrera sunglasses is available for both men and for women with wide frames to suit every type of face and adherent branches. These sunglasses manage the feat to be cut for the newspaper but also for sporting activities. The design looks like the Carrera Solar, do not detract from the freedom of movement in any situation. Carrera will be your ally at the beach or in the evening. Select from over 750 references of your Carrera Sunglasses at the best price. To choose via colors or appearances, many models are available to enlighten you. It is no coincidence that athletes and celebrities worldwide have adopted the Carrera style.

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