Best Handbags: Determine The Style With Volume

Today, what accompanies us everywhere, everyday, serves us faithfully, and completes our look? Yes, our handbag! To seize best handbags in Dubai, click veloarabia.com  First step: how to choose well.

The long, narrow bag 

The best handbag is one that is deeper. You will spend time rummaging there to find what you want. Think about that when you melt with lust long before this bag so elegant, devoid of any inner pocket.  The solution is integrated pockets inside the bag.

Large bags

The more your bag is large, it is visually often not appealing but is of an advantage at the same time. A handbag is not the crossing of a first aid kit and a satchel!  

The bags carried by hand

The best handbags carried by hand are chic! One has only to think Grace Kelly (who gave his name to the famous Kelly edited by Hermes).However, they have one disadvantage: you always have a hand busy. This may be impractical in an emergency.  If, however, like many of us, you do not resist the temptation, choose a model that includes a shoulder strap.  

Station to the metal! 

It is beautiful, it sparkles, and gives that little "rock" side which attracts you. It is full of loops, chains, metal fasteners? It is heavy, even empty. Think twice. If your bag does not close (at the zipper, for example), you run the risk of losing items or attract the pickpockets too.

The Color

Avoid the white, for your bag; it is folly! Nowadays, carry a bag that is not the same color as the shoes. 

The style

The handbag you choose to go to work cannot be the same as you have dragged on the benches of the university. Think about your dress style and your daily activities along with the best handbag. You just pay attention to the favorite bag.


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