Use of SMS marketing services to boost your sales

Think of marketing as a correlational research method done in order to gain a result which is deemed successful by companies. In all cases, profit and revenue are the objectives of most companies but to meet these objectives, different marketing strategies are executed to build a bridge that connects consumer to seller. Text messaging is one of the earliest features to be available on a mobile phone and as of 2017; the average texts sent annually are about twenty-two billion in spite of social media and applications such as Facebook, Watsapp and Twitter. This indicates that text messaging is still the upmost channel of communication and SMS marketing can be a very powerful strategy to boost your sales.

Bulk SMS marketing is arguably the most precise channel of marketing with the highest potential for results as research indicates that 97% of texts are at least read once. Social media marketing is like fishing with a hook in an ocean and advertising is relatively ancient history. Not everyone has the time to read the newspaper, check their email or tune in to advertisements on television. Texting, however, is still the upmost channel of communication with an average of over 40 texts received or sent per day by a single person. The ultimate goal of a marketer is to make customers and sell products or provide a service and text blast can ensure the highest probability of success.
The following ways are how use of SMS marketing services can boost your sales;

1. Direct and Real Time Message Delivery
Direct communication with customers is the most effective way to reach them. Since 97% of messages are read at least once, you can rest assured knowing that 97 people out of hundred have received the word. Also, mass texting is done in real time which saves time and can lead to faster results that marketers are looking for.

2. Customer Retention
There is making a customer and there is keeping a customer. If you provide a product or service, customer loyalty is also a required as well as constant promotions marketing. Restaurants do this by leaving flyers for customers to opt in to their offers or delivery services. This ensures a network is built between customers and the restaurant. Repeat customers lead to sale boosts and marketers can use customer segmentation to divide their existing customers from new ones. The call-to-action is clear and concise in text marketing as the message is simple with no long links or images to deal with.

3. Customer Service and Feedback
Customer service is one of the most important services associated with SMS marketing. The customer’s response can be used to judge the success of a SMS marketing campaign. SMS enabled ventures can have a competitive edge overs those who do not simply by customer engagement. Any form of call-to-action or feedback can simply trigger the customer to reach out to you for information and potential sale. Customer convenience is often more important than the product itself and customers prefer to spend their money on places that listen to them.

4. Text Personalization
SMS is easy and convenient. Ventures can use intelligent SMS marketing campaigns to make a fortune and grow. Marketers can make use of social trends and events to reach out to customers and in doing so there is always a chance for a positive consequence. However, marketers need to call it right when it comes to personalized messages. You cannot send a Liverpool FC merchandize message to Manchester, not unless you are looking for a fight. The same way you cannot sell meat to a vegan although you have to be genius to pull this one off. SMS marketing can be used to boost sales by targeting a segmented loyal customer base individually. Secondly, marketers need to zip through customer preferences which can be done by dedicating different Keywords for them to opt in. The more options you can give the customer, the larger group of customers you can attain.

5. Software Integration
If you have a large database and a business which operates using software or a website, this business can be integrated into a mass texting service provider. Using an SMS API can make your bulk SMS gateway API services available across all networks and platforms that your business uses, joining these numerous systems into one master control center. Delivery speed is also faster and you can send thousands of text messages in a second. Many e-commerce businesses use SMS marketing to communicate with thousands of customers. They can also use this for transaction, alerts and reminders for staff and customers to say updated to their services. Many physical businesses use software integration to speed up their update delivery and reach more customers every day.

6. No spams
A large percentage of potential customers are usually driven away by ads and pop ups when they click on anything that trigger their interest. Email marketing usually leads to spam pile up in most cases leading to potential customers missing out. The beauty of bulk texting is its simplicity and exclusivity. When someone opts-in to receive SMS marketing messages, marketers don't have to remind them to white list their short code so their messages don't accidentally land in a spam folder.

Communication is changing and SMS marketing is making its way to the top as the smart marketing strategy of the last decade. Businesses are getting smarter and growing in both customers and revenue so when do you start your SMS marketing campaign?

Source: https://www.storeboard.com/blogs/business/use-of-sms-marketing-services-to-boost-your-sales/896070#


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