Shopping centre recreation specialists advise on the new trends in mall recreation for 2018


2018 new trends in mall recreation
Anyone United Nations agency has discovered the recreation market at intervals international looking centres would be able to notice a significant amendment in mall recreation, notably within the last number of years. several malls round the world have raised the amount of their event campaigns to fulfill their customers standards. we tend to believe that mall event planners area unit uninterested in over-used acts and shows. Booking recreation only for the sake of booking recreation is what ends up in the worst impressions.


Creativiva makes a speciality of manufacturing customised recreation solutions for looking malls. supported our thirteen years of experience and collaborations with over a hundred looking centres worldwide, here area unit the new trends in in mall recreation for 2018.

THE filmmaker impact

Last year, filmmaker proclaimed a good lineup of Films for 2018. Amongst them area unit “The Jungle Book” and “Alice Through the trying Glass”. Creativiva has ready fascinating new stage shows “Jungle Book Live” and “Alice in Wonderland Live”that feature camp-made high-quality costumes, cirque-style makeup, multi-genre form of dance and acrobatics, aerial acrobatics and circus acts, and Broadway-style acting and singing. These vibrant shows are a success of 2018.



High-end looking malls area unit forever on the lookout to supply distinctive experiences to their customers. Creativiva has access to gorgeous and interesting art installations which will become your main social media quality, and also the centre of the eye in your mall Atrium!



This summer, metropolis can host the most important sporting event on the world. From spectacular sport-themed shows, to distinctive Brazilian cultural events, malls round the world can celebrate the occasion with distinctive performances. Let Creativity style your terribly distinctive Olympic Games campaign and convey distinctive recreation in your mall.



When malls wish to be thought of a fashion destination, it ought to be mirrored in their communication AND in their event!

Now, lots of recreation agencies supply roaming acts and decision it “fashion entertainment”… With access to extraordinary talent, circus artists, dancers, fashion designers and costume producers for corrie du Soleil, Creativiva.comn produce immersive and distinctive fashion recreation productions customised to your mall. allow us to style your terribly own live fashion event.



Be the primary in your trade to form one thing customised and actually original. arrange the good campaign that your customers can bear in mind. Imagine the not possible and let’s arrange it together!

Source: creativiva


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