This summer 5 simple and elegant traveling light

The Tech Advantage

The story is old, and friends for dinner, or leave your wallet at home, cash in hand to pay the bill is not so easy - and block device. And you know that your mantra, because most of us do not plan to change - a cell phone, keys, wallet before leaving home. Because we know that you (-enwebeghị all my phone back) of your mobile phone, hopefully the key. To help you do not support the dinner, a street of Paris, you can be your best friend. I have to transfer money to each other, I use some of the money, that money is not square. Because if there is no delay in transfer of the financial sector in order to link your bank account or credit card (a big plus), and it is free.

Information on the impact of its burden, you do not have food in their social or other applications - if you are going to transfer $ 20 on top of action, so your friends will make his ice back. High design and the money transfer process continues, the price of protecting it - and struck Cash pitch is in my top 5 now. You can use the money in the street iOS and Android!

Pocket pain, and the army. "Fold to treat bags under traditional or two memory module have a lot of space, and will consist of a receipt in his pocket, and inevitable. Magnetic card envelope, put thin. Some. Cash, card debit, credit / (you know the problem of annoying) development of life, health card, my phone to add to the store of cards - because they needed money to fly, an event you fear, style, card, funky pattern where a liter.

Commuter Fresh

There was a point where all paths - as a matter of fact, you spend about three percent of your time bike somewhere in the Trail area, much less mount. If bike is valuable and inexpensive way to travel around Luxembourg City, is the only thing that is paramount to weight! Mountain bikes weigh a ton (about 45-70 pounds), so I would recommend getting a fixed gear bike. Also known as a fixie, bicycles, a maximum of 30 to be responsible helpful. Disclosure on my shoulder - 22.4 pounds and is as bright alloy pen. The time when you and your wheels run on stairs or choose flight on the front of the bus and throw it around as hard as some sacks of food high.

Cotton Tanks & Canvas Duffles Aspect Collection Duffle Bag – Herschel Supply Co (P’s & Q’s Philly) | Striped Tank Top Shirt – MB x Uniqlo | Black Jeans – 7FAM | Midtop Sneaker – Axel Arigato | Mod Watch – Todd Snyder x Timex | Fixed Gear Matte Black Bike – Vilano Bikes | Wild Beast Graffiti Camo Cardcase – Gary Baseman x Coach

Tanks top shirts have gotten a bad reputation for being “bro-tastic”, but, they’re extremely practical as the temperature creeps up to ungodly hot levels. Aside from going shirtless, a tank to is your next best option. The are some guidelines that will help you find a tank to wear like your favorite t-shirt:
  • Leave the basketball/lacrosse/recreation league practice jerseys at home
  • Details Matter: a chest pocket and piped seams move a tank into t-shirt territory which is exactly where you want to be. Stripes & geometric patterns can add some character without going overboard into novelty territory
  • The proper length should fall at your waist or just past your belt
  • The chest of your tank shoulder be more fitted than the rest of your torso. Remember you’re not wearing an Olympic track & field speed suit.
Moving on to the canvas duffel bag, which is a highly underrated travel accessory. Brands have pushed leather duffel bags for years now, touting their refined qualities – but, when you pack them full of clothes & shoes that leather is heavy. Canvas duffels are lighter, can be waterproofed. Opt for a bag with functional details and a structured shape. You’re looking for a duffel bag more than a regular gym bag.


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