Grand Seiko expands its horizons

Since its founding in 1960 each Grand Seiko clock clock pure fundamentals showed a continuing commitment. Accuracy, readability, comfort and durability are always great Seiko defined features, and always will be.

Stability, however, no enemy of creativity, and Seiko proudly presents a new creation of the Grand Seiko, interesting and useful new creative direction is to take the required value.

A five piece construction

The case has a five piece construction. To be as durable as possible, the most prominent surfaces, including the lugs and the bezel, are made of ceramic so that they resist scratches. To make the watch as comfortable as possible to wear, the inner case is made of high intensity titanium and the watch is 25% lighter as a result.

Case design

The ceramic material is zirconia ceramic, which is stronger and more scratch resistant than any other ceramic and seven times harder than steel. The cases are polished by hand by skilled craftsmen. It is remarkable that, working with ceramics, they can make the ridges so sharp and the surfaces distortion-free.

The green dial and the forests of Shinshu

The green dial model conveys a subtle symbol of the provenance of this new design. The fir tree motif on the dial was inspired by the Onbashira festival that is held every six years in Suwa, near the studio where the watch is made. The centerpiece of this festival is the carrying of huge fir trees down the mountainside to the shrine, where they are raised as symbols of the shrine’s renewal and its 1200 year old tradition.

Source: http://www.grand-seiko.com/collection/black-ceramic/


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