Unisex Sunglasses in Dubai- Why Face Composition Matters

The sunglasses are undoubtedly an essential fashion accessory for sunny days. However, we must still make the right choices and find the ones that suit perfectly to the shape of our face. However making sure to turn up wearing unisex sunglasses in Dubai can be pretty sassy. It’s time to shop at crazydeals.com in order to choose from best styles available.

Cat eye glasses and frames can be chosen easily from unisex sunglasses in Dubai. This style was always associated with the greatest actresses of Hollywood cinema era as Ava Gardner, Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. They all wore this very retro, sexy and feminine style. Today we can see it on the most popular faces of our time such as Kate Upton, Katy Perry and Miranda Kerr. 
 At times, you wish to fall in love with unisex sunglasses in Dubai that look like romantic currents, while flowers have left their mark on frames of the hottest of summer spectacles.  If you want an approach that denotes a little less, but still off the beaten track, patterns in shades of blush, creamy pink or mint green will please you. The idea is to balance your proportions. Point out the parts you want to highlight or conversely, dim.

Triangular Faces

The triangular face has the shape of an inverted triangle. The forehead is broad in general with elongated eyebrows and features shrinking into the chin. It is imperative to take the upper part of the face into consideration. Mouths with fine contours are ideal for offset and slightly rounded sunglasses rather than too perfectly geometric forms.. This is the reason why unisex sunglasses in Dubai rock all face cuts!

Round Faces 

To emphasize the roundness of your face, go with the same frame shape. To mitigate the proportions, rather bet on geometric shapes, angular and drawn. As its shape suggests, round face has rounded lines and proportions are identical in width and length. The bezel to choose for an angular or slightly rounded frame is actually to structure and refine the features and give as a face angle or narrow version XXL.

Oval faces

With their balanced proportions, they can afford all styles of sunglasses, classical and trendy. 
It is regarded as the ideal form of the face and it is also the most common. Quite proportionate it easily attaches with all spectacle frames. It is your individuality and preferences that will determine the style you wear: the rectangular frames underline the severe character while the round glasses give a more youthful side. This is a very sophisticated and feminine way to give presence in a set with unisex sunglasses in Dubai.


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