Raging all over the UAE- hottest Hugo Boss Perfume Dubai

At Hugo Boss perfume Dubai, one is used to seeing perfumes Hugo Boss Bottled Man and declined in multiple versions. Here is the new Boss Bottled Intense. Hugo present their new masculine essence, Boss Bottled intense, more masculine than the original and mesmerizing fragrance Boss Bottled launched there over 15 years. When the majority of cosmetic brands and perfume houses are bent on throwing takes the foot against this trend and intensifies the juice of one of its iconic bottles Boss Bottled. The new olfactory interpretation essentially plays on the strengths, with a greater concentration of woody and spicy warm notes and precious oils, and lower in sugar.

Hugo Boss perfume Dubai Bottled Intense combines notes of apple and orange blossom with spicy scents of geranium, cinnamon and clove. The woody fragrance closing agreements with a predominance of sandalwood and cedar wood in combination with vanilla. Looser refrain! The new fragrance Hugo Boss is for all men who have no limits in the quest for success. Acting like a real boost from the biting morning application, the new Boss Bottled Unlimited- will boost the day of man to make it a winner. 

An energizing for a persistent tone 
The components were selected because of their freshness and their tone. For the number one objective, fully achieved elsewhere, for this new fragrance is to keep a day-long freshness sensation and power to confront and overcome all the obstacles of everyday life. The selected substances are 100% natural and come from carefully selected plants picked for freshness (mint) and the persistence of their aroma (ferns, citrus).

What looks like the scent Bottled Unlimited?
The smell minty fragrance brings in top note, freshness revitalizing feature of this plant with many virtues. On the heart, is the passion note materialized by aromas of pineapple and cinnamon dominates. Musk and sandalwood give the scent its persistence while giving definitely a virile and masculine side to the fragrance. In terms of packaging, no significant revolution for this Boss Bottled Unlimited except the appearance of the bottle. The creator has indeed kept the familiar design but with an opaque white color. In summary, a successful new fragrance, the quiet power of gaits. Have you been dominated by Hugo boss perfume Dubai?


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