Michael Kors Bags: 5 Pointers to Own the IT Bag

It is well known that a woman  does not exist without a branded bag! Kate Moss via Jessica Alba and Nicole Richie, they all have something in common: a wardrobe full of ultra-desirable Michael Kors bags! Moreover, the brand has understood the power of celebrities. Just a stolen picture of Rihanna walking in the street with the last MK bag was spread and the sales soon exploded!

If the stars all have them in the arm, no one knows the magic recipe to create a bag that will make a card! We have sought to solve this mystery and give you some keys to how a simple bag becomes ... a hit!

•    Having a famous handbag!

The larger bags have it all originated in a star: Kelly Hermes is named after Princess Grace timeless style icon. Ditto for the Birkin (again Hermes) created by Jane Birkin when traveling by plane! Another cult bag: the Lady Dior, directly inspired by Lady Diana, Princess of Wales. The English brand Mulberry discreet hit the jackpot with his satchel Alexa, inspired by Alexa Chung, the girl whose style is analyzed by all the fashion magazines. If Nicole Richie has not designed the City Balenciaga Motorcycle bag, it is nonetheless inseparable from the star, who was the first to wear it. It has the colors in all or almost!

•    It bag must be desired

On average, the Michael Kors bags Dubai are around 3000 AED and it is often out of stock! Some brands even have waiting lists for their clients who even wait for three months, six months or even a year for a model! In short, a bag is more difficult to get!

    But not too much!

Some Michael Kors bags have become essential pieces without being overpriced. At 2000 AED, the collection is sold around the world! And if some people like Eva Longoria have quickly adopted, it is above all a popular success. Like the sequins bag with refreshing look has won the heart of many French women.

•    "Look" instantly recognizable

Michael Kors bags can be spotted from a distance and for this it needs a look representing the brand's DNA. For many of them, it goes through the logos: MK is just initial synonyms luxury suite.

•    It is always imitated!

You can call it the price of fame, but Michael Kors bags are always copied!  They are copied right out and to the extent that sales of the bag authentic eventually fall.


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