Salivating Fragrance Enrage By Van Cleef & Arpels First 100ml

With a name worthy of a Harlequin novel and a bottle halfway between Water Wonderland Globe and disappeared, one could expect anything. With a perfumer Olivier Polge as could already afford to be more optimistic. The VanCleef & Arpels first 100ml calls upon the nature bursting roots in exoticness as of the era. Leather is here wrapped in a tenderly citrus opening, and a light floral and aromatic breath, which bring the smoked tea slowly land on a vast expanse of vanilla and tonka bean, creamy and powdery like a giant madeleine (which accompanies that the Tea, of course!).
The balmy vanilla perfectly counterbalances the smoke dark leather, in a discreet balance and both tenacious. And had finally tired, and had loved should revel in this new Van Cleef second pleasant surprise of the season with a bang by Van Cleef & Arpels first 100ml. The cabochon stages a mischievous fairy perched on a branch, superb interpretation of the plant world of magic and jeweler.
Creating full of grace and poetry with an olfactory extravaganza in which come into scene violet, black currant, Bulgarian rose, and jasmine hits the notes of Van Cleef & Arpels first 100ml. Incarnation of a mischievous and sensual femininity, fairies belong to the sources of inspiration for Van Cleef & Arpels. They rule over an enchanted world inhabited by butterflies, dragonflies, and birds of paradise. Suspended in their flight, captured in their graceful lightness, fairy decorates this lavish and bewitching jewelry. They arise for Enchantment on the jewel-bottle that houses a unique composition in which come into scene violet, black currant, Bulgarian rose, and jasmine.


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