Fashion Jewelry: Bling Mania Is On!

Who are the real jewelry trendsetters? Is it BeyoncĂ©, Miley Cyrus or Brooke Candy? But you want your own style, right? Then this year throw out a look with the most beautiful mono earrings. The refined chunky gold jewelry on your arm is up with: Open-Cuff. Choose from delicate bracelets with open ends. The new jewelry darlings delight in gold, silver, rose and attractive diamond studded arrows, magnificent pearls, elegant gemstones as extravagant fashion Jewelry in Dubai.

It’s the era back with the ‘Go bold in Gold’.  We say it very clearly: great gold jewelry could be dangerous to us yet it impresses in form of: chains, opulent earrings, bangles and striking grandiose rings. Statement jewelry in gold is clearly a have-to-mania. Can you resist? Do not hesitate before others on these treasures go far! Fashion jewelry dealers propose to let the gold pieces hit the team. More is the norm!

The earrings of the 90s are making a comeback: Hoops, stylized brooches, bracelets, jingling girdles and fringed trims. We see the most surprising accessory trends for the new season in fashion jewelry. 

Chains, belts and bracelets have unceremoniously opted for new accessories to shine and sparkle. We witness unusual pieces of jewelry pins, to casually worn around hip pads and the opulent decoration of the neck. Bracelets hang around cross wise giving a more chic look.

The jewelry for clothes is celebrating an unexpected comeback in the autumn / winter season 2015/16 with designer studded and stylized brooches. At D&G, gold-colored jewelry buttons are mounted on tops and bottom backs. Whereas, Prada decorates a potpourri stereotyped flower tops and dresses.

A homage to the Eighties like the early 2000s. The hip belt is back with colorful gemstones around the hips. We saw on the ramp as Chanel wrapped its models ornamented with gold-plated chain twice around the skirt, while Louis Vuitton highlights a black link chain around the waist.

To set the current statement fashion jewelry trend: chains strikes another. Choose chains that are beautifully yet intricately decorated lavishly with large bouquets of heavy link chains for the occasion you are looking forward to gear up. Adore coral necklaces, sun ornaments and large gemstones with red-colored bouquets just like at Gucci.


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