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Although technology has moved forward, watches are also undergoing important changes. Unlike past, wrist watches are no more considered mere timepieces. When smart phones were launched, many people believed that wrist watches will soon be completely replaced because all recent phones are featured with time and calculator as well. It is not only that smart technology has progressed over time, but wrist watches have also undergone significant changes. On top of that, Apple and Samsung have manufactured smart watches which have revolutionized the industry of wrist watches. We are still going to witness several important advancements. Trend of affordable Tissot watches prices in Dubai is the tip of iceberg.

The debate about invention of smart phones and future of wrist watches is long and lengthy. According to American News agency, Huffington Post, it is commonly believed that we have got VCRs, smart phones and several calling apps which have made face-to-face communication easy. And, it is also felt that wrist watches are losing their importance. Although kids are carrying smart gadgets these days, we are of firm belief that wrist watches are still worth wearing, regardless of smart technology. One of the common arguments is that men are still enthusiasts to buy watches for women. There are  other reasons which are going to be discussed here.

Reasons why wrist watches are going to be dumped:
When you look at your phone every time, everyone hates it, chefs at restaurants hate it, brides hate it when grooms look into their phones, and your mother definitely hates it. Whether it is a tryst, date or an important meeting, and looking at phone in the middle of it prove to be worst. To prevent you from getting hated or slashed, it is good to look at your watch to know the time on the sly. When you have at disposal Tissot watches  in Dubai, why would you risk admonishing?

Moreover, if you still do not wear wrist watches; can you imagine why? It was a milestone for all of us when we got our first watch? When you put on a good watch, you feel yourself as a grown up or an adult. Same goes for the ladies when you buy watches for women as a present.


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