Abaya store: the diversity remains

The Abaya or veil for women is demonstrated since antiquity and is found in many traditions. Among the Jews in the Bible and the Arabs, for example, existed long before the advent of Islam. You can locate the best Abaya store in Dubai in malls, shopping avenues or even online like the veloarabia.com. There are different versions of the veil:

The hijab

The hijab is formed on the Arabic root hajaba, meaning hide, hide from view, put away. This veil conceals the hair, ears and neck, leaving only the oval face. It is one of the most practiced ideals of any Muslim girl or child till she’s all grown up. Hijab is the fundamental attire of Muslim women. Hijabs come in different forms and now styles, color of fabrics, stitching and more to contrast with the dress you are wearing. Check out any Abaya store. 

Promoted by the Muslim Brotherhood, it is often complemented by a coat or raincoat. It is widespread in the Muslim world, replacing traditional outfits like the "haik" in North Africa, large piece of wool or cotton that conceals body shapes and facial veil. The Abaya is also called Litham (mufflers) or Khimar, generic term for anything that covers her head mantilla, shawl or scarf.

The Niqab

In Arab countries, the Niqab is the full veil complemented by a cloth, leaving only a slit for the eyes, spread under the influence of Wahhabi Islam, especially in urban areas. Some women add sunglasses and gloves or a mask. It is a common practice is UAE, Saudi Arabia, and KSA.


In Iran, the chador is essentially a traditional garment worn by practitioners today. This is a large piece of cloth on the head, revealing facial contours.

The burqa

Originally, the burqa is the traditional clothing of the Pashtun tribes. This long veil, blue or brown, completely covers the head and body, a screen hiding the eyes. This outfit had become the symbol of Taliban regime in Afghanistan, which had made ​​it mandatory, but it is far from disappeared after falling in 2001. In Asian countries, it is one of the most evident attires on streets etc. looking for fashionable burqas? Visit the online Abaya store.


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